How I Sold My Car

I am about to explain my experience selling a used car. In short, my recommendation is to use this website when selling a car because in reality they can help make everything go by much quicker.

Well now that I’m done with that ramble I’ll get straight into it.

When I bought another car, it forced me to sell my current one. The dealership was not interested in a trade in and what they offered me for it certainly backed it up. I am not a salesperson and to be perfectly honest not a people person either. The thought of endless phone calls and strangers knocking at my door made me cringe. I decided to explore my options before advertising it for sale.

My first thought was to post a sign on the windshield and park the car out by the road. I was not thrilled with that method from the beginning. I figured I would need to get it detailed, washed and waxed to get a decent price for it and I did not want to put time and money in a car I no longer needed. I was not comfortable with just anyone feeling welcome to knock on my door.

Running a newspaper ad seemed a better option. At least I could talk to potential buyers first. I could meet them somewhere else besides my home. I decided to nix that idea. I did not want to pay for a pricey ad with no guaranteed results. My cell phone number would have to be my contact number. As soon as I realized I would have to use my cell phone number I took that option of the table.

I saw cars for sell all the time on the internet. That seemed logical for me since I could hide behind a computer. Looking into it more closely told me quickly that I was not computer savvy enough to sell online. Besides, it seemed to me that selling a car to someone sight unseen could rapidly turn into a nightmare if the buyer was not happy. I decide I was not willing to take the chance.

While checking out how to sell a car online I kept seeing companies that advertised buying cars for cash. I was skeptical but decided I had nothing to lose if it did not work out. I requested an online quote in less than 60 seconds. Within minutes, they offered me a reasonable price for my car. I did not even have to take it to them. They came to me with money in hand and took my extra car away. It was the best option because it was quick, easy and hassle free.